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Laura Anne Parker has made a lifelong commitment to her love of and guidance from horses. Her spiritual practice has been nourished by Master teachers of  Eastern Spirituality and Indigenous Elders creating her path of intentional integrity. Formed out of a need for a sanctuary-like environment for training horses and caring for them, Laura envisioned and manifested the land she calls Inner Circle Farm. Laura's intention has always been to create space for like-minded people wanting to learn and grow together in this community and here her dreams are being realized.


Truly committed to learning, Laura never stops seeking guidance from her Elders or highly trained Equine professionals. She has made great use of her Master’s degree from NYU in Education and Motor Learning, years studying body awareness with the Alexander Technique, and all of her world travel to bring life force to her path as a teacher and guide. 

Khem Reyall

 Khem Reyall is our managing director and one of the vision keepers at The Living Room Gatherings. Khem is a Sekhem Sound Healer, and Songstress. In her personal awakening, she was encouraged by her Spirit Guides calling her to use her voice and creative gifts to spread love and light. Khem’s practice includes sharing the energy system of Sekhem Sound Healing through Sound Baths, Guided Meditations, and Voice Activation Circles.

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“There is not a heart that exists, that if assured of safety, would not open immediately.”

Lia is a Body Whisperer.  She has honed her ability to tune into a client’s internal “chemistry”,  seeing blocks and areas of resistance within the resonant body (which is three dimensional – body mind and spirit).  Being a Body Whisperer means that Lia recognizes the body as possessing an intelligence that goes beyond the mind. Lia communicates with this intelligence, which she often describes as being “animal-like”, (for example, its ability to communicate without words, or it’s tendency to curl up in a ball when hurt or frightened). To feel safe, we may each need different things, but all beings need to feel seen, heard, appreciated, and respected. All of these aspects cause our multi-diverse selves (and the body) to feel safe enough to open internal doors for deep healing.

Guided entirely by spirit, Lia performed her first healing when she was 9. After this, she began incorporating the natural energies found in plants, earth, and stones into healing environments for all beings. Ten years later her search for understanding the workings of subtle energies found her living in the far east studying with different healers in Japan, Thailand, Nepal, and the Philippines.  Since then she has mastered many healing modalities from around the world including Shamanic and Usui Reiki, Incan Shamanism, Tezkatlipoka (an ancient Healing tradition from Mexico), yoga, and dance, as well as the power of the creative process as used in Creative Arts Therapy and Sand


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Kelly Murphy, Ayurvedic Specialist and Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, guides and inspires clients to nurture a lifestyle of health, peace, and balance within and with the world around them. Kelly has done extensive training at The California College of Ayurveda and offers weekly online yoga sessions, self-care workshops, and private health consultations. Through her own physical and mental health challenges, Kelly was inspired to take this 5,000 year old science and incorporate it into daily life. Kelly has always felt deeply connected to the 5 elements and their healing qualities for the mind, body, and spirit.

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Jessica has been practicing yoga for the last ten years but decided to take it a little further. She received her 200hr yoga teacher training last September and recently completed the Trauma Recovery Yoga/Total Resilience Yoga (T.R.Y) training this past May. Jessica hopes to bring yoga to our community as a way to cope with the stress and uncertainty we've all had to endure and continue to face each day.