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Meet our team

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Laura Anne Parker has made a lifelong commitment to her love of and guidance from horses. Her spiritual practice has been nourished by Master teachers of  Eastern Spirituality and Indigenous Elders creating her path of intentional integrity. Formed out of a need for a sanctuary-like environment for training horses and caring for them, Laura envisioned and manifested the land she calls Inner Circle Farm. Laura's intention has always been to create space for like-minded people wanting to learn and grow together in this community and here her dreams are being realized.


Truly committed to learning, Laura never stops seeking guidance from her Elders or highly trained Equine professionals. She has made great use of her Master’s degree from NYU in Education and Motor Learning, years studying body awareness with the Alexander Technique, and all of her world travel to bring life force to her path as a teacher and guide. 

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Khem Reyall, a Vision Keeper at The Living Room Gatherings. Khem is a gifted seer, clairaudient, ceremonialist, and Sekhem Sound Healer - Alkhemist. Her unique ability to communicate with the elemental world provides invaluable insight and guidance on how the land at Inner Circle Farm wishes to be honored. Laura A Parker regards Khem as her Spirit Daughter, acknowledging the strong bond they share. Khem has been an integral part of The Living Room Gathering since 2018, dedicating herself to supporting the vision by managing and leading various retreats and offerings.


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Tom Mackey has been integral to Inner Circle Farm for over 12 years. Laura and Tom's mutual devotion to the Inipi Ceremony united them, culminating in their marriage. Tom is a skilled ceremonial firekeeper and Reiki Master with years of experience helping others. He has served his community in many ways, from being a friend and EMT to volunteering to support incarcerated Native Americans. At Inner Circle Farm, Tom has been instrumental in many projects, from rebuilding the road and constructing new paddocks to managing the compost facility. Without his tireless effort and willingness to build, there would be no house for our Sanctuary, which allowed Laura to bring her soul's vision to life.


Michael “Pondhawk” Gulbrandsen's deep appreciation for nature has led him to study with elders, seeking to strengthen his relationship with Mother Earth. His profound respect for nature is evident in his stunning Reflections of Nature site installations, which include nature trails, bridges, gardens, arbors, and more. Michael's workshops are designed with the intention of connecting all of us to the land. His medicine, aptly named "Nature's Whispers," provides guidance on constructing medicine wheels, fairy gardens, and offers grounding through the council of rocks.


Through his passion, Michael has co-created the stories of the elemental world at Inner Circle Farm, where he has constructed various architectural wonders, including a medicine wheel, to inspire others to appreciate the beauty and wonder of Mother Earth.

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